Andrew Page & Camberley Autofactors

A Logistics Integration

A private equity backed business, Andrew Page, £175m T/O, 1500 Employees, purchased Camberley Auto Factors Ltd, c£50-75m T/O and 500 employees.

With a lean management team at the acquirer, the Board recognised the need to bring in additional resource experienced in business integration to minimise the impact of the acquisition on business as usual performance, safeguard the value of the acquisition, speed up and de risk the integration process.

The acquiring business was already undergoing major cultural change and was undertaking a number of resource heavy IT and logistics projects. Infrastructure was underdeveloped in a number of departments.

The challenge of the integration was to:

  • Retain and integrate staff into a unified business at a time when competitors were actively seeking to poach key staff
  • Minimise the impact of the integration on other major strategic initiatives
  • Achieve budgeted synergies quickly, particularly around procurement and product rationalisation
  • Develop and deliver a workable IT integration plan (still based on legacy and, therefore, development resource constrained systems) that standardised the operating processes across 100 branches in the UK

The program delivered:

  • Better than plan non-staff synergies, particularly around procurement
  • No loss of key staff in either organisation, so management could select best staff for on-going roles. Staff synergies achieved after selection higher than expected
  • Integrated workforce and top team, together with major culture change within the acquired business to match acquirer culture
  • Integrated IT platform sooner and at lower cost than planned



"Philip made a positive impact on the business right from the early stages. He quickly built a good understanding of the project and was able to develop a good rapport with staff and effectively communicate with both external Investors and the management team. His experience of managing previous Integration programme led to insightful, practical advice, that ensured we handled difficult and sensitive issues in the best possible manner. His programme management skills kept the motivation and focus of the organisation on practical delivery, and the achievement of synergies--which were better and earlier than plan.

He designed and implemented a successful communications programme that provided reassurance to the Board and Private Equity Investors, informed customers and supported the staff during the restructure process.

In short, a safe pair of hands that achieved the integration objectives, whilst allowing the existing management to continue to work on the overall performance of the existing business"


Mark Roberts
Managing Director, Andrew Page Ltd


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