Tiger Integration creates and delivers business integration programmes for organisations that have made or are about to make a major acquisition. Each programme is individually created to meet the needs of the businesses involved.

Tiger Integration:

The integration programme Tiger lead and deliver usually include change in all areas of the business, focussing on:

  • Design and create the business integration programme
  • Set up and operate governance processes
  • Lead, plan and deliver the programme across the organisation
  • Work with each individual directors to resource the programme
  • Coach leaders and support project managers to deliver their parts of the integration
  • Structure involvement of the leadership team to minimise business as usual disruption.
  • Ensure proper working of risk management and issue resolution processes
  • Keep the workforce and other stakeholders engaged throughout the integration process
  • Ensure benefit realisation and tracking - including cost control
  • Co-ordinate with other strategic initiatives across the organisation to ensure the integration fits with business as usualactivities


Business Integration Scope

The business integration programmes Tiger lead and deliver usually include change in all areas of the business, with focus on:

  • Market and customer communication, opportunities and conflicts
  • Staff engagement
  • People issues such as departmental restructures and reorganisations, consolidation of employment contracts, terms and  conditions, etc and usually some redundancies,
  • IT and infrastructure integration, process re-engineering
  • Supply chain opportunities
  • Property/site moves
  • Financial control, merger integration budgeting and reporting consolidation
  • S & P contract obligations, warranties, retention management


Business Integration Resourcing

Integrations are resource Intensive.

Philip da Silva of Tiger Integration will lead the integration with a full time on site presence and if necessary will staff a programme office.

We firmly believe that individual projects are best led and resourced from within the company. This is because existing staff know and understand the organisation, its systems, processes and products. They currently have ownership of elements of the organisation and owning the change to how they work in the new integrated Company will maintain and enhance that ownership.

Where there are skills gaps, Tiger Integration can help the company fill those on an Interim basis.

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Philip da Silva

Philip has an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and is formally qualified as a Prince2 Practitioner, Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner, Chartered Marketer and Fellow of Institute of Direct Marketing.